All My Tomorrows Sammy Cahn



“All My Tomorrows” is a 1959 ballad with lyrics by Sammy Cahn and music by Jimmy Van Heusen .    The song was expressly written as a Frank Sinatra vehicle.  It was introduced in the film A Hole in the Head where Sinatra sings it in the opening credits.
Sinatra later featured “All My Tomorrows” on his 1961 album All the Way. Sinatra re-recorded it for his 1969 album MY WAY , in a new arrangement which Charles L. Granata considers to be superior to the original, and which AllMusic calls “lush and aching”. Rolling Stone describes the song as “the poignant monologue of a man determined to turn his life around”.
Francis Albert Sinatra
“All My Tomorrow Belong to You”
“I Was at This Concert”
One of the Greatest Times of My Life
I Talk About This Concert Quite Often


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